Online Vendor Registration
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Instructions for filling Vendor application online

  1. 1. This application for is to be filled by the vendors
  2. 2. Incomplete/Inconsistent application are liable to be rejected
  3. 3. Asterix (*) marked entries should not be left blank.
  4. 4. Vendor should keep all documents in digitized format ready before he starts filling up the online vendor application form by scanning and digitizing the documents which he intends to submit / upload.
  5. 5. The documents required to be submitted with online application are listed as under:
    1. (i) Copy of valid ISO certificate
    2. (ii) Certificate for Small Scale, Medium Scale or Large Scale Industry
    3. (iii) List of Machinery and Plant in format
    4. (iv) Scanned copy of Demand Draft
    5. (v) Electricity Bill, Firms registration certificate issued by Registrar of the companies
    6. (vi) Income tax clearance certificate, Sales tax registration certificate
  6. 6. Vendors are advised to fill in correct email addresses and mobile numbers for future correspondence/communication
  7. 7. Application fee (non- refundable) to be submitted by the vendors is:
    1. (a) For Micro & Small Enterprises category vendors – Rs. 15,000+18% GST= Rs. 17,700/- only
    2. (b) For Other vendors – Rs. 25,000+18% GST=Rs 29,500/- only
    3. (c) For Overseas vendors – USD 1000+18% GST=USD 1180 only
    4. The mode of payment is through Demand draft drawn in favour of FA&CAO/DLW, Varanasi. The original demand draft should be sent to “ADE(Dev), Office of Chief Design Engineer, Diesel Locomotive Works, Varanasi – 221 004” through post / courier.
    5. * The DLW approved vendors are not required to deposit assessment charge.
    6. ** Vendors , whose verification has been done by RITES after 2013 are not required to deposit assessment charges.
    7. *** Vendors indenting to register with the DLW for supply of Electrodes, Paint , tooling items should not registered on this site
  8. 8. If at later stage any information is found to be incorrect or there is a non compliance with the conditions specified in vendor assessment form, DLW will be free to take any action including cancellation of your application.
  9. 9. No claim for refund / return / exchange of vendor application fee will be entertained.
  10. 10. On successful submission of online form, the vendor will receive a reference ID on registered mobile number through SMS and Email.
  11. 11. Vendor will receive a login username and password after verification of payment details by DLW (Diesel Locomotive Works). Vendor can use this login facility to monitor the status of his vendor application
  12. 12. All documents to be uploaded should be self attested.